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Positioning level of Self Mastery
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  • Positioning level of Self Mastery.
  • Methods to Increase Self Mastery.
  • Obstacles to Self Mastery.
  • Benefits of Self Mastery.
  • Fixation of the Self.
  • Notes on Self Mastery.

  • Level of Fixation
    Your Self is the compilation of all the attributes occupied by your attention, consciousness and awareness. If your ACA is mostly occupied by the attributes of perception your Self contains the characteristics of the mind. If its mostly occupied by the attributes of feeling your Self is structured according to a higher order and takes on the characteristics of the spirit. The Self follows the strongest force acting on it and becomes, through habit, fixated at a level where the influence is the strongest. A strong physical and mental influence fixate the Self in the body and mind. The strongest influence captures and holds it like an electromagnetic charge. It is drawn into the body and mind like iron filaments to a magnet, like a physical object to gravity.

    The four basic attributes that influence your attention, consciousness and awareness are: sensation, perception, feeling and will. Your Self is constantly shifting, depending on these external and internal forces. Strong mental activity draws your Self into the mind, intense physical activity draws it into the body, feeling, silence or observation draws it into spirit and awareness, and the Will draws it wherever you choose. Through education and habit it has become fixated on a specific developmental level, or in a specific configuration within your body, mind and spirit. This fixation represents your physical, mental/emotional and spiritual developmental level or the makeup of your personality and character.

    Changing your Experience
    The position of your Self determines how and what you experience (sense, perceive and feel), how you express yourself and what abilities and skills you can use. If you move your Self you change your experience, expression and abilities. By effort of will, you can move your Self by increasing any of the three influences, moving it at will between matter, mind and spirit. Wherever your Self is that's what you think you are.

    You are your Self
    No man can know someone else at a level higher than that at which he himself functions. So you can't see above your developmental level, only below. If your Self is mostly fixated in Matter, you don't see the physical body as separate from yourself, you think you are your body. If its fixated in Mind, you can see the body as separate from yourself, but not the mind (thoughts and emotions), you think you are your mind. If its fixated in Spirit, you can see the mind and body as separate from yourself, but not the spirit, you think you are the spirit. If its fixated in itself, you can see spirit, mind and the body as separate from yourself, but not the Self, so you think you are your Self, and you're absolutely right.

    Leary's grid and Dr. Brunlers scale
    The late Dr. Timothy Leary and Dr. Brunler both identified and developed systems to position specific levels of development. I have combined both their systems into one.

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