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Methods to Increase Self Mastery
  • Self Mastery Main page.
  • Mastering Your Self.
  • Positioning level of Self Mastery.
  • Methods to Increase Self Mastery.
  • Obstacles to Self Mastery.
  • Benefits of Self Mastery.
  • Fixation of the Self.
  • Notes on Self Mastery.

  • Mastery Follows Practice
    The practice is structured around four basic time periods. A three-day practice, a five-day practice, a nine-day practice, and a long term practice. The time variations are necessary because of the different physical, mental and emotional makeup and stamina of practitioners. Some people can take a lot of practice over a short period of time while others have to go more slowly.

    The difference between this method and ancient ones is that it doesn't require fires, drums, mushrooms or drugs. Its not particularly esoteric, mysterious or metaphysical. The method is very simple requiring only a stopwatch, writing materials, selected reading materials and about nine days of free time. The process of self-mastery has been modernized so to speak.

    The main thrust of the course is based on a simple principle: Mastery Follows Practice. It brings about the distinctions needed to gain control over the reality states you prefer. Some of the processes are guided tours of various states of reality. States such as attention, consciousness and awareness together with sensation, perception and feeling all constitute important stepping stones towards initial mastery of other states of reality and consciousness.

    Specific Methods
    The aim of the processes is that the results have immediate practical value to the practitioner. To only use the most effective techniques, which are to the best of my knowledge the most advanced and most effective methods of self-mastery available today. Methods are combined not only to bring the practitioner into altered states of reality, but to forge little used but incredibly potent skills into powerful tools to manipulate states of reality. When I find or discover better or more powerful methods than the ones presented here, I immediately test them out and apply them if they prove to be superior.

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