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Mastering Your Self
  • Self Mastery Main page.
  • Mastering Your Self.
  • Positioning level of Self Mastery.
  • Methods to Increase Self Mastery.
  • Obstacles to Self Mastery.
  • Benefits of Self Mastery.
  • Fixation of the Self.
  • Notes on Self Mastery.

  • Your Self is shaped by the strongest force acting on it and becomes, through habit, fixated at a level where the influence is the strongest. Thus because of strong physical and mental influences the Self is mostly fixated in the body and thoughts/emotions. It is drawn into the body and mind like iron filaments to a magnet, like a physical object to gravity. Your Self reflects whatever you are consciously and unconsciously fixated on.

    The difference between this method and ancient ones is that it doesn't require fires, drums, mushrooms or drugs. Its not particularly esoteric, mysterious or metaphysical. The method is very simple requiring only a stopwatch, writing materials, selected reading materials and about nine days of free time. The process of self-mastery has been modernized so to speak.

    There are three types of reactions; physical, mental and emotional. Your body will tense up, you'll experience all kinds of strange images and you'll feel intense emotions. The obstacles can be both positive and negative in the sense that a positive quality can be just as much of an obstacle as a negative quality.

    A particular level of development is characterized by specific experiences, behaviors and abilities. A man that experiences a lot of fear and worry is located at a specific level. He can identify this level and move up the scale of development. As he does this his experience, behavior and abilities change according to the level he is on at that particular moment. At a specific level worry and fear don't exist, so if he moves his attention, consciousness and awareness to that level fear and worry disappear from his life. Willpower enables him to move and keep his Self there for as long as he wants.

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