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Benefits of Self Mastery
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  • Within the physical realm
    Self Development leads to control, management and eventual mastery of; the body, the left hemisphere, reason, sensation, memory, concentration, definition, deduction, intelligence, knowing, objective observation, attention, power, materialization, space, explanation, contraction, attachment and energy.

    Within the mental realm
    Self Development leads to control, management and eventual mastery of; intellect, the right hemisphere, emotion, perception, imagination, association, interpretation, induction, wisdom, understanding, subjective observation, consciousness, choice, meaning, motivation, connection, adjustment and time.

    Within the spiritual realm
    Self Development leads to control, management and eventual mastery of; will, both hemispheres, feeling, action, creativity, intent, integration, intuition, prophesy, being, expansion, collective observation, awareness, freedom, existence, actualization, detachment and the present.

    The following examples give some insight into what this means in practical terms.

    Short-Term Memory
    An average human's short-term memory can contain seven chunks of information at any one time plus or minus two. This means that he can hold, contain or think about seven different things at the same time. Our experience is that the number of things a practitioner can think about at the same time increases as consciousness expands. An average chess player thinks about three moves ahead in a game, a good player thinks about five moves ahead, a grand master thinks about nine moves ahead. It means they can be conscious of three to nine moves ahead at any one time. When consciousness expands it's quite obvious that it is possible to contain more information at the same time thus increasing short-term memory. This means instant access to stored words, language and vocabulary, and information that usually took time and effort to recall. Thus recognition memory will eventually be replaced by recall memory leading to total recall.

    Long-Term Memory
    Long term memory is unconscious until we have to use it. We can usually recall that information with relative ease but sometimes it remains unconscious however much we try. It's as if we can't bring it into consciousness even though we know it's there somewhere. We would rather say that we couldn't move consciousness into the area where that information is stored. As consciousness expands it starts to contain more information that was previously unconscious. Much like a bigger cup that can hold more fluid. As it gets bigger it gets easier and easier to retrieve this stored information. The scope of consciousness increases with its size, which gives greater control to move it to where stored long-term information is placed thus increasing long term memory.

    Perception of Time
    Its possible to manipulate time through perception. Two individuals observing the same thing can perceive it quite differently in terms of time. An individual watching a car crash from outside perceives it happening within a few seconds. The individual who is in the car, going through the crash perceives the crash taking minutes in stead of seconds. For him time is distorted and prolonged. Racecar drivers going past groups of people at incredible speeds often report time distortion where they can observe events in slow motion. They can pick out individual faces, features and slight movements within a huge crowd while passing them at incredible speeds. We have observed that as consciousness expands greater control of this quality of perception is achieved. It is possible to slow down or speed up time. Also another peculiar thing that happens is that perception of the future and past is controllable. Expanded consciousness enables the practitioner to predict the future with astonishing accuracy. He literally sees farther into the future and can foretell events that a normal functioning human being can't even comprehend. He can foretell what will happen in a week with the same accuracy that an individual with a normally sized consciousness can say what will happen the next day.

    Energy and physical strength
    The amount of energy available at any one time is limited. We have found that the limit stems from two things. The content of the unconscious mind and the size of consciousness. The unconscious mind contains a lot of conflicting beliefs and emotions. Every conflict requires energy to function, the bigger the conflict the bigger energy drain it becomes. As consciousness expands these conflicts become conscious and are integrated into the conscious mind. This leaves the energy, which used to be occupied in withholding the conflict free to be used. The bigger consciousness becomes the more energy is thus released and available for use.

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