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Properties of Intelligence
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  • There are three levels of knowledge: Intelligence, wisdom and prophesy. When you know how things work you are intelligent, when you know why things work you are wise, when you know what actually works you are prophetic.

    The intelligent person looks closely at facts and figures, detailed definitions and uses logic, reason and deduction to know how things happen. The wise person looks closely at the things that drive and motivate the subject, its needs and wants, and uses perception, understanding and induction to know why things happen. The prophetic person looks closely at the subjects' highest purpose, ideals and ultimate goals and uses intimate experiential knowledge of the subject, feeling and intuition to know what will actually happen.

    The Business Analogy
    Three men are going over a marketing plan for a new product. One of them is intelligent, one is wise and one is prophetic. The intelligent man knows how to make it a success, without knowing why it works. The wise man knows how to make it work and why it works without knowing what will happen. The prophetic man knows not only how and why it works, but he also knows what will actually happen and what its effects will be.

    A man can be intelligent without being wise, and he can be wise without being prophetic. He can also be too intelligent and too wise for his own good.

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