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Expanding Consciousness
  • Expand Consciousness Main page.
  • Classic and Cognitive views.
  • Analogies.
  • Immediate Attention Span Test.
  • Methods to Expand it.
  • Help in Expanding Concsciousness.
  • Benefits of Expanding it.
  • Consciousness meets Intelligence.
  • Properties and Qualities.

  • As consciousness is so closely related to your Immediate Attention Span it can be measured and expanded through it by stretching its ability to contain immediately accessible information.

    First you find your current Attention Span limit through the tests. Lets say its five items. Next you add one more item, the sixth item, and persist in stretching your ability to contain it together with the other five items. Persist in doing this until you can hold six items in your consciousness at the same time without any effort. Then you add the seventh item and so on. This effectively expands your consciousness.

    As you can see its a very simple process but at the same time requires an extremely focused persistence during the period of expansion. This could be anywhere from a 5 to 30 minute stretch at a time. Your consciousness is like a seed within your unconsciousness, and your focused life force pushes against its hard shell to break its habitual boundaries, defined by the numbers above, in order to expand and grow in size and capacity.

    You can choose to practice on random numbers, letters, words or sentences. Pick the one you find the hardest because there lies your greatest potential for growth and success. You can also choose a combination of letters, numbers, words and sentences. Or you can choose a combination of sensations, sounds and images.

    Please choose any of the above and practice adding one item every day. At some point you'll come to a hurdle, you'll suddenly find it extremely difficult to continue. Your mind and body will scream for you to quit, but that's only growing pains. Your consciousness is growing and its breaking its old shell. So a little more effort and persistence is needed to get over those hurdles, to break the shell and enable your consciousness to grow and expand beyond it. Don't quit until you have successfully completed adding the new item. It may take a few more minutes of intense concentration and effort but only through persistence will the resistance give in, freeing your consciousness more and more.

    If you're really interested in trying out this method then put aside at least five minutes each day to practice it. You can do it at home, at work on the bus or while waiting in the car during rush hour. Any time, anywhere, just do it every day. Sometimes when you reach a hurdle it'll take a little bit more time. Do this for one month and notice the results. Not just how many items you can hold in your consciousness but also the side effects you notice in other areas of your life.

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