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The Focus Sustainment Duration Test
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  • Developing focus and concentration is like developing a muscle. We lift weights to develop muscles, and sustain pure experiential signals to develop focus. We can only exert focus to a certain fixed maximum rate and through the focus sustainment duration test we can ascertain our current rate. Sustaining focus requires an effort of will. Your willpower determines for how long you can sustain a pure experiential signal, thus we might say that the test also measures your willpower.

    The Method
    Get a stopwatch or timer. Select an image (Signal) to focus on. It could be a geometric figure such as a triangle, square or a circle; it could be any letter of the alphabet such as A, T or X; or it could be any number such as 2, 4, 7 or 9.

    Now gather all the willpower, resolve, determination and inner strength you have at your disposal, recall the image as you know how it looks and start the stopwatch. Keep the image clearly in focus for as long as you can, sustain a continuos unbroken uptime connection with the image. The Signal is always clear and strong in the beginning, an active Uptime connection, but as the seconds tick away the Noise ratio increases exponentially until it overpowers the Signal resulting in active Downtime. When the Uptime connection breaks for more than a few seconds, and the Signal is replaced by Noise, stop the stopwatch and document the time.

    You'll notice that it gets increasingly difficult to keep your focus on the selected signal as the noise increases. Once in a while your focus will slip for a few seconds but when you notice that your focus has been completely taken over by noise for more than a few seconds (accompanied by a complete amnesia for the selected signal while the slip lasted) stop the timer and document the time.

    Please be honest with yourself and do the test with integrity for it would defeat the purpose of your inquiry if the results were inaccurate. And please don't strain yourself doing it, its purpose is not to increase your focus, but to measure its current capacity.

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