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Methods to Increase Focus
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  • Mental Power
    We can only expend energy and perform work up to a certain fixed maximum rate. If we are to attempt to lift twenty rocks each weighing 25-kg. and remove them to another spot fifty meters away, we could do so. We would have to move slowly and to rest between rocks so that the body could renew its energy supply at a rate equal to that at which it was expended.

    If however the twenty 25 kg. rocks were united into one 500 kg. boulder, we would not be able to lift it. We do not have enough energy and can't expend it quickly enough to lift the rock at a stroke. The rate at which energy is expended is called "power." And although we have enough energy (given enough time) to lift a 500 kg. boulder, we do not possess sufficient power for the purpose.

    The same principle applies to the mind. If we were to focus our eyes on a specific dot on a white wall for one hour, we could do so. We would have to focus in short increments of maybe 5 to 20 seconds and rest between focusing efforts so that the mind could renew its energy supply at a rate equal to that which it was expended.

    Increased Energy Supply
    It is possible to increase the bodies energy supply and power through exercise and training. A well-trained fit body can expend more energy over a shorter period of time. It has more power. The increased physical energy would enable us to lift heavier weights, run faster and longer, sleep less, work harder be healthier and so on. It is also possible to increase the minds energy supply and power through mental training and exercise. This would increase our mental powers enabling us to expend more energy over a shorter period of time. The mental energy would enable us to focus and concentrate better, be more creative, improve our memory, improve our imagination, intuition and reasoning and problem solving abilities, in fact, it would enhance and improve all our inherent mental abilities.

    The Foundation of Mental Performance
    Mental trainings come in all sizes and colors, shapes and forms. The most widespread training is through school where special emphasis is put on acquiring knowledge and reasoning abilities. Then there are courses that teach memory techniques, speed-reading, creativity, intuition and focus and concentration. It seems that the basic foundation of all successful mental performance is the ability to focus and concentrate. Whatever you do with the mind you always have to use focus. The more you can focus the easier it is to finish the task. Oriental yogis put great emphasis on teaching focus and concentration. Business people often say that the ability to sustain focus is one of the keys to success in business. Athletes and coaches often talk about the importance of good focus and concentration.

    Busy 24 hours a day
    In its normal state a healthy human brain is constantly active. Its constantly busy monitoring, adjusting and repairing the body in order to make it function with optimum efficiency. Out of all that activity arises the mind which is also perpetually busy and active in associating, sensing, perceiving, retrieving and storing data in order to keep you alive and well in a competitive and challenging society.

    This constant activity is one of the biggest obstacles to good focus and concentration. Its can be very difficult to focus and concentrate when thoughts and emotions are always interfering with our attention. If this is the normal way in which the brain and mind work, then how do we focus and concentrate when all this activity is going on? One well-known method is to focus on a simple image like a red triangle and persist in seeing it clearly in our minds eye. And if it becomes fuzzy or unclear to recall it again and again to fight off the constant interference of the mind. Gradually the mind gives in and calms down and we gain more and more control over our thoughts. Usually this takes months of head crunching daily practice, which is a pain in the neck. But why is it so difficult and time consuming to tame and control the mind?

    The Frog and the Scientist
    A scientist put a frog into hot water to see how it would react, and sure enough the frog immediately jumped out of the water. But when he put the same frog into lukewarm water which it liked, and heated the water very, very slowly, surprisingly enough the frog didn't jump out and got cooked. The frog didn't notice the gradually rising heat because it happened so slowly, and before it realized it, it was to late.

    Mental Morphing
    A close examination of the process of thought and emotion and this constant shifting from one thought to the other reveals a well known phenomenon called morphing. A popular computer and video image trick today is to morph one face into another different face. Morphing is how one thought or emotion changes into another one. It morphs one image into another image and even morphs images into dialogs or emotions or any combination of these.

    When you try to concentrate on a specific image the morphing happens so quickly and subtly that, much like the frog, we don't notice it until its to late. In a manner of speaking, we're cooked. When is the image the same and when has it morphed just a little bit? We are deceived into thinking we are looking at the same image when it has actually morphed halfway into something else, and then some more. If the change happened suddenly we'd notice it immediately, in the same way as the frog that detected hot water. To prevent itself from ending up on the scientists dinner plate the frog would have to watch carefully any change in the water temperature and jump out if it got to hot. To prevent ourselves from ending up in the dungeons of our mind we have to watch very carefully any changes in the morphing and stop it before it enslaves our focus.

    Establishing an Higher Order
    Actually seeing the image clearly or not in our minds eye is just half the story. Its not our main concern; a secondary objective. The primary objective is to increase the ability to focus and concentrate. So how is it possible to increase focus and concentration without actually seeing an image? The answer is Intent. Intent establishes a higher order beyond the mind and enables us to focus on the image whether we see it clearly or not. The intention to see the image keeps the focus active. Whether you actually see the image clearly or not in your mind is not important as long as you stay in control of the focus. Its fine if you actually see the image, but you don't have to worry if you don't see it because you can focus on the intention of seeing the image.

    The Focus Power Method
    How do you think an athlete becomes a world champion? How do you think a violin player becomes a great virtuoso? How do you think a chess player becomes a grand master? By practicing their skill. Practice makes perfect. How can you awaken the superpowers of your mind? While your friends are busy reading the newspapers, watching TV, or chatting with their next door neighbor, do a little practicing. While your coworkers are thinking about doing, living their dreams in their heads and imagining how it might have been go and push your limits. While most people are sleeping late, or wishing they had more time to really do what they wanted put forth the effort to hone and perfect the skill that enables you to control your mind.

    If you go around and ask successful people whether they think focus and concentration had anything to do with their success you'll most likely get a resounding "Yes, of course!" And if you pursue it a little further they will most likely tell you what the greatest and most successful individuals in history have said time and time again. Good focus and concentration is one of the most important and most effective keys to success in life.

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