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Awards and Testimonials

This is one of the better pages on the net. Contratulations.
Dr. Tom MacLennan

Clear and easy to follow. I have printed out a copy for my 17 year old son. I was looking for something uncontaminated by a lot of religious overtones. I am greatful I've found it.
Bear Richard.

I have found many useful thoughts for my grandson's diagnosed ADD (attention-deficit-disorder!) and mine undiagnosed. Congratulations, very inspiring.
André Gouin

Great page, great articles and great presentation. Truly a product of a superior mind. Thank you for sharing this creation with me!
Jake Agregado

Kwan. I have been to hundreds of places about this topic, I must say that this is the only one I bookmarked!!!
Kim Wyles

Excellent Site. Many things I have known to be true - intuitively - for decades appear on your pages. your pages.
Joseph Cacciatore

You guys are quite popular! I finaly found a site that doesn't bullshit about the mind and it's powers. you got a good site so keep it up! and PLEASE email me if your web page is moving! thanx!
Phil Drabbs

Sublime! There is such a resonance in all I witness here. Thank you for your thoughtful presentation.
A. St.-Tours

I want you to know that I think this WEB site is the best I have ever found. It has improved since I was last here and I hope it get better. Thanks for the effort you have put into it. Lots of love and luck.
Oliver McIntosh

I found your website while looking for a way for my son to do mind exercises. He has a learning disability, which is weak neuroconnectors(I know what I mean here). I think your information is just what he needs. I will let you know what happens. Thank you,
Christine Kingsmill

Is your book available? This was a very refreshing page to review. If you've found a simple key to help people reach the state you did when you were 23 you will change the world.

Your page is mind; it is like a refined kaleidoscope; turn it a little and you will have an image, turn it again and it rearranges itself, it moves, enlightens, fluctuates and breathes. Multi-faceted thanks. If the kaleidoscope is seeking more colors, I will be glad to contribute with a vision of my heART. Love.
Mahalene Louis

I like your content and you really seem to know your stuff.
Brett Ramsdell

Finally, an intelligent website with CONTENT!


Thank You for creating such an astounding base of information. Sincerely,

I like how you explained the down to earth abilities of the mind. I think their should be more things like this around.
Mike Houston

Thank you soooo much for all the very helpful info!!! We are doing a debate on the possibility of increasing one's intelligence for school, and this was a landmine!!!!
Liz, Jenny, Leah, and Chad

it sets the mind spinning to even try to imagine where all of this will go.

It's _ALWAYS_ in the last place you look!!!!
Phil Gregory

Very Impressive Thinking !! One of the Most Interesting Sites I've ever visited !
Edy M. Prawono

good content

most exciting place I have visited yet...

Thank you for helping keep my mind active and flexible.
darcie reed

Please send preview of book. Thanks
Chris Guerrero

You have a great site. Thanks for all the information about Perception Power. Sincerely,
Sandy English


Wonderful site! I will continue to explore EVERY page! Thanks so much for all the hard work that went into putting together these pages.
Laurie Early

Thank you for non mystical explanations of inherant, though newly learned abilities and an honest attempt to teach them
Greg Harney

This is the best mind page on the internet I have found. I have benefited from your site and will continue the mental evolutionary process. Thank you!
Kevin E. Luckett

I find that, exercises of this sort really helps expansion of conciousness and your ability to concentrate My goals are for concious control of all aspects in my life and teach others the remarkable skill of knowing
Alvin A. Burns

Awesome.In some unknowen way I am compelled to acknowledge you.i am ordering your book now.All the most, Jerry Webb
Jerry Webb

this is the most valid page anywhere!

What an inspiring site. I'd be happy to link to you on my page and would like to be on yours. Let me know what you think.
Kaye Panicke

Thank You !!!
Wm.Mark Koch

Love this stuff!!!
Julie Dambacher

I'm really enjoying you site. I'm using some this info in a paper I'm doing for school.
Eric Crouch

Your site is wonderful! Most INSPIRING! - excellent graphics too! Hope you don't mind, but I've linked to you from the 'links' section of the above site... Have Fun! - Mark x
Mark Tamea

Amazing!,Just what I was looking for..... Awarded: Best site ever by Me!

Quite an educational. Very impressive page and well narrated. Very helpful to understand one's inner strenght's.
Sudeep Kumar

Great site!

You seem to have more info on focus than any I've found. I'm anxious to find out more.
Keith Lowe

We are enjoying your articles.
E.M. & Leighton Johnson

Really great -- thanks for putting all this neat stuff in one place! Katy
Katy Peterson

I love your page. Thanks for taking the time.....
Terri Christiansen

Great Stuff! Thanks for putting it together!!!!
Jake Agregado

Very interesting and informative. Would like to learn more! Great stuff!

Well done. Very useful. Keep it up.
Clark Stillman

Excellent area. I'm pleased that there is actually some *truth* out there on the 'net.

Overall, I enjoyed the brief synopsis of your writing "The Spirit over Mind over Matter." Again, very interesting points and I definetaly agree that having a focus and goal are key factors for success, along with being the notion, being there at the right time.
Sunnie D

Thank you for the generous amount of information.
Toni Martin

This site is awesome. I have been looking for a site that would show be how to focus all my attention on any particular task I have to tackle. Keep up the good and positive work. Thank You
Christopher Washington

I look forward to applying your insights.
Roysworth Grant

A most excellent location! Although just visiting here, I already feel welcome and eager to share feelings, thoughts and growth. Thanks for the good vibes!
buddy king

Just that I was looking for!
Vinicio Sardá

every day i run into unusual encounters. today i laid out 4 letters spelling deep. thats how i ended up here.
James McManus

Wow, what a treasure trove! I am a personal development adventurer myself... EST, Zen, Cognitive & Existential psychotherapies, yogas The Sterling Men's Weekend... Reading, experimenting...
Scott Sancetta

Cool, different and informative great ideas!
Dominicus the Hunter

Your site is extremely interesting and useful... Congratulations!

pretty cool stuff!!
Myke Pickstock

What a wonderful site!
Brian Way

As my daughter would say "This is 10 kinds of Cool!"
Terry McIntire

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