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Three Days and an Extraordinary Experience That Changed My Life

In 1983 at about Easter time in Reykjavik Iceland, I bought a Silva Mind Control self-improvement book. I was 23 years old at the time and this was my first book on self-improvement. I was living in a single room basement apartment, which was owned by an elderly lady which I never saw except when I paid the monthly rent.

At the time I was working in my fathers fish factory as a supervisor and had a three-day weekend off. I was going to devote myself to a training program described in the book for these three days.

The book suggested that I get myself into a relaxed suggestible state and repeat two sentences twenty times each, once a day for a month. This would program my mind to make me more positive and stronger against negative influences.

Being an explorer and having an adventuresome nature I decided to do a little more than that. I got myself into the alpha state and repeated the sentences for twenty minutes, instead of twenty times. Then I re-awakened myself and read and studied books on the mind for two hours and then repeated the procedure again. Programming the mind for twenty minutes. Getting up and studying books on the mind for two hours, back and forth for three days straight, from 9 in the morning to 10 in the evening, with small breaks in between. I probably repeated these two sentences thousands of times during those three days and needless to say I got myself into a very altered state of consciousness.

I am sure that if I had proposed this approach to a teacher of the method, or any teacher of meditation or mental training, they would have warned me and tried to stop me from doing it, believing it would be to dangerous. Luckily for me and the people who have learned the techniques presented in the program I didn't know any mental training teachers at the time.

External Transferral of Self and Identity
When the three days were over I went for a walk in a public garden nearby. I walked, not sure if something had changed within me, not perceiving any difference about the environment or myself. I walked up to a bench and sat down. Looking around a movement in the brushes nearby caught my attention. As I automatically focused my attention on the brushes to my complete surprise my awareness or consciousness shifted out of its usual place within me and into the brushes. I "felt" every branch, every leaf, the roots, it's energy, it's state of being. I literally became the trees. My identity somehow merged with the brushes and my usual identity was gone. For all purposes "I" wasn't there anymore. It was an incredible feeling of total peace and tranquillity. I tried to focus on the grass and lo and behold I became the grass, feeling every straw as myself. I focused on the sky, the birds chirping in the brushes and could feel how being a bird was. My identity merged with everything I specifically chose to focus my attention on. I instantly became whatever I perceived at that moment. You can understand that I was in ecstatic joy of total abandonment and togetherness with everything.

Triple Muscle Strength
The next day I went to work, and everything was the same again. I was totally oblivious of any change or powers I had acquired the previous day.

At the time I was working as a supervisor in my fathers fish freezing plant. As I came to work I seemed to walk into and put on prearranged beliefs and habits that pushed the blissful state out for a while. Then just as suddenly as the day before a new surprising ability surfaced. My physical strength had increased dramatically, I was three times stronger than usual. We were shipping out tons of frosen fish from the freezer and when I picked up the heavy boxes they were light and easily handled. Before, one box was the maximum for me, now I could lift three boxes together without any major effort and throw them up onto the truck.

Later that day I discovered many new abilities that appeared in the same surprising way as before. They never said anything about this in the books!

Complete Control of The Senses (Negative Hallucination)
Later that same day I went into the supervisors room to take a short break. I sat down exhausted after all the work in the freezer. As I sat down I made that subtle decision that we do when we are about to do something. It was more of a thought than a decision like when you verbalise internally what you're going to do just before you do it. My thought was: "Now I am going to relax." And low and behold. Everything shut down instantly. My eyesight, hearing, feelings, everything just went blank. I was floating in some warm dark place like a light in the great sea of unconsciousness.

I just sat there totally oblivious of everything in my surroundings and knew I was relaxing in the most profound way possible. After a few minutes I "knew" I had relaxed enough and thought: "time to wake up" and just as suddenly my senses and mind got turned on again. It was an incredible experience. With a little bit of practice I could in effect have total coluntary control of my senses. I could decide not to see, hear or feel. I could shut out all noise, sight and feeling and enter a dreamlike floating peaceful state at will.

Later I found out that this phenomenon or ability is called negative hallucination and happens in very deep hypnotic trance states.

Superior Future Strategist
During lunch and coffee breaks I used to play chess with the other guys in the plant. There was a particular guy who almost always beat me and that day I happened to play with him. Before this experience I was an average chess player. I could "see" or calculate two to three chess moves ahead, four at the most, depending on how complicated the game was. Now just as suddenly as before I could calculate nine to ten moves ahead. Needless to say I won every game that day, even against those I had never beaten before. In one weekend I had gone from below average to expert level. Everybody was astounded as you can imagine.

Masterful Problem Solver
Those were memorable days I can tell you. At one point somebody came up to me with a problem that needed to be fixed. As I was the supervisor I had to come up with a solution. As I listened to the problem I "saw" the solutions instantly. Not just one solution, or some solution, there were infinite solutions. And I also knew which solution was the best one, which one was the second best one and so on down the line. So I proposed the best solution, but it couldn't be used because of something she hadn't told me before, so I proposed the second best solution and the problem was solved. Then I discovered that my own "problems" had disappeared. I didn't have any problems anymore, they had been replaced by solutions. It's an ability that's hard to decribe exactly to someone who hasn't experienced it. It's like trying to describe chocolate to someone who has never tasted chocolate or cocoa. How would you do it except give them a taste?

Effortless Total Recall
There was a guy called Joi working with me and we would sometimes talk for hours. During a particularly long break we had been talking for 45 minutes. Then he said something that contradicted with something he had said before. I told him so but he denied having said it. So again, as I attempted to recall our conversation to back my claim I remembered everything we had said for the last 45 minutes. Every word, every gesture, the sequence of words and intonations. But not only could I remember that but also the things that were apparently outside my conscious awareness at the time. I remembered a car driving outside when he said a particular sentence, but never noticed it while we were talking. I could link our conversation and the timing of specific words and sentences precisely to all kinds of environmental sounds and noises that were going on as we were speaking. I remembered everything we had said, backwards and forwards. My memory was not only perfect, but effortless as well.

Overwhelming Feelings and Emotions
Wow, what power I suddenly had. I felt so clear, free and capable. Nothing could stand in my way. I was exploding with energy. And then something quite unexpected happened. I started to feel more and more frustrated and as I looked at the people around me I realized that they were all lost in confusion. They were somehow all submerged in darkness and couldn't see reality clearly as it was, as I saw it. They started to avoid me and I got more and more frustrated and angry. I started to judge them. These people were stupid and ignorant. They were unclear, didn't know what they were saying and groped around in a total blindness without any awareness of the fact that they were blind. And to make matters worse they stated that there was nothing wrong with them, and that I was crazy.

Gradually I got furious, and those negative emotions and judgments drew me under their spell. In a few days I was back to my old normal self, just like them, confused, unclear and mentally blind. But the memory of the experience was there and it never faded, I reviewed it again and again in my mind, never wanting to forget this extraordinary experience. At the time I had no idea of what had happened to me and was afraid to try it again.

Further Research and Development
For years I searched for an explanation to what happened. I wanted to try it out again but was afraid of the intense emotions and feelings that accompanied it. I was afraid of losing control of my temper again. I read countless books, participated in countless courses, seminars and training's and met with countless powerful spiritual teachers. But no one could explain what happened.

I soon learned that I had "carried feelings" and I would have to clean out those feelings and emotions trapped in my body and unconscious. I studied and explored for years and each year brought me more answers. I tried the old method again a few times, but I never got quite to the point of the total control or the unlimited feeling I experienced the first time.

I devoted myself to intense self-improvement for years and I felt that I was coming closer and closer to being able to achieve this state again. I got clearer and more solid, but never reached this impeccable total state of power.

The Long Awaited Discovery
As the years passed by and I learned and got more training and experience under my belt, practicing mental, emotional and spiritual exercises to clear out old stuff and install new stuff the accumulated learnings and knowledge started to synthesize into a definite step-by-step system that finally enabled me to get closer to this perfect state again without the disastrous effects. The creative fusion of all that knowledge, a culmination of years of training and experience, a synthesis of the totality of all my experiences began to crystallize in my mind.

It was in February of 1995 that I began to put the puzzle together and I started to see the results of those twelve years of intense self-inquiry and exploration. I gathered my notes, the best books I had accumulated and called upon the experiences, discoveries and learnings that I had gathered over the years and started to write the first draft of a system that would be the blueprint for achieving this state.

Today I believe I know more or less what actually happened but I'm also learning new stuff every day to make the program work faster and better.

As Above So Below - As Within So Without
For the last years I've been reading up on the latest brain research an am picking up a lot of clues, techniques and explanations. But just recently I found a book from 1929 by Upton Sinclair called "Mental Radio" with a preface by Albert Einstein of all men. The book is concerned with experiments in telepathy and even there I find clues as to what happened.

The state of your attention reflects your brain activity. If your attention is scattered and fragmented on many things and places, then your brain activity is also scattered and fragmented throughout your brain. If you sustain your attention for long enough on one thing your brain will reflect that, shutting down brain areas not related to the object of your focus and activating the brain areas that are related to it.

Sustained concentrated focus on one single object collects your attention in that one place, much like a magnifying glass collects the suns rays in one powerful point. If it's a visual object you are focusing your attention on the visual part of your brain will be most active. If you sustain your attention long enough on that one signal other brain areas will get less and less active and your visual part will get more and more active. Take it all the way and you will collect all your conscious brain activity in one part of your brain, in this example your visual part. At that point you don't hear, feel, smell or taste anything. Your other senses are certainly taking everything in as usual and your brain is recording it, but you won't be conscious of any of it at that moment.

In my three day intensive I "accidentally" collected all my brain activity in my auditory area. All I did for the whole three days was repeat the affirmations thousands of times, and read books. Both auditory related activities. In between I had breakfast, lunch and dinner, but I had no interactions with people and nothing else was on my mind. No worries, no duties, no schedules or errands. I had everything I needed in my room for those three days.

Call it beginners luck, but I stumbled upon an incredibly powerful technique that gave me access to extraordinary mental abilities.

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Gardar Gardarsson

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