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 - Definition of mind
 - Perception Power
 - Reality Structures
 - Three sciences
 - Boundaries
 - Transcendental
 - Future Vision
 - The brain/mind
 - Alien encounter
 - Ghost encounter
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Journey beyond the boundaries of your beliefs and values and discover a different world of new possibilities.

A new definition of mind
Have you ever asked yourself what the mind is? What is it made up of? Where does it begin and where does it end? Can we come to an objective definition that everybody can agree on such as the definition of a straight line, which is: "A straight line is the shortest distance between two points."

Perception Power
A sensation and a perception are not the same thing. Sensation is a kinesthetic feeling, perception is a thought resulting from that feeling. Perception interprets the report of sensation, and translates it into a thought, or idea. Sensation is when something goes into the mind, and a perception is what the mind does with it.

Reality Structure Groups
Create your own Reality for fun and profit! Make it simple, practical, logical, exiting and up to date with the latest scientific discoveries. Its better to be on the top of your own reality than to be on the bottom of another persons reality.

Three types of sciences
There are three basic scientific disciplines each one focusing on a specific level of reality. These are spiritual sciences, mental sciences and physical sciences respectively.

Boundaries of experience
What is experience? Can we define it accurately? Can we explore its known and unknown limits and boundaries?

Transcendental Experience
It was Easter in the year 1983 in Reykjavik Iceland that I bought a Silva Mind Control self development book. I was living in a single room basement apartment...

Future Vision
If we travel a couple of million years back in time can we then learn from the past and calculate a plausible evolutionary direction limiting the number of evolutionary possibilities to three or four logical outcomes...

The brain/mind connection
The human brain is a 1500-gram semisolid gel of infinite complexity. An electrical and chemical laboratory that uses our senses as specially designed microphones to pick up sensations and storing them as knowledge in the brain cells...

Alien encounter
I was traveling with a group of Americans and a few Icelanders in Sedona Arizona in late July 1991. We were on a spiritual journey doing some inner work while visiting the...

Ghost encounter
This happened in May 1996. At the time I was sharing an apartment with two women, one of which is my friend. One day as I came home...

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