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Ghost encounter

Confusion and Desperation
This happened in May 1996. At the time I was sharing an apartment with two women, one of which is my friend. One day as I came home I felt a presence in the apartment. There was someone in it that wasn't supposed to be there. You probably know the feeling, its like when you walk into a room where people have been arguing and you can sense tension in the air. I walked into all the rooms but didn't see anybody so I assumed it must be a ghost or something, because the presence was extremely strong. I told him through telepathy to immediately leave the apartment because he was trespassing. He wasn't supposed to be in there. But he didn't leave, instead the feeling got even stronger. There was nothing I could do except continue my errands. I walked into the bathroom to prune my beard with little scissors and felt him step into my body. I felt this cold shiver, or energy, envelope me and I told him that if he didn't leave immediately I would call the owner of the apartment, who knew some mediums to come over and throw him out. I was getting really irritated at this time. This prompted an angry response from him and I almost cut my face with the scissors. I went to the phone and called the lady. I told her that there was somebody in the apartment, and I needed her help to get him out. She listened for a while I described what had happened and then she told me that an older man, about 70 years old, who lived in the apartment below mine had died a few days ago. She told me a little bit about him, he was a communist, didn't believe in God or life after death and was terrified of dying. He had fallen out of bed a few days before and died of heart failure. She said it was probably he, and said she would call her medium friends and come over that evening and pray for him to help the poor man into the light.

While I was waiting for them I turned on the TV. And suddenly I felt him try to make contact again, and this time he was groping and trying to take hold of me which he of course couldn't and I told him to leave me alone. He backed away and I suddenly realized what I had done. Here was this man, terrified of death, in between worlds, alone and confused, who suddenly finds someone who notices him, who he can communicate with, and what does he do. He just wants to throw him out, he doesn't want to have anything to do with him. So I told him I was sorry for being so rude, he was welcome to stay in the apartment for the time being while we waited. I told him there were people coming over to help him out and that he didn't need to worry about a thing. Everything would be taken care of. And I felt this gratitude and love coming from him. So I sat watching TV for a while.

The Deal
By now it was almost suppertime so I went into the kitchen to make something. As I was preparing some pasta I felt him again, and this time he wanted to thank me. He said, "I want to repay you the favor, you have helped me out and I want to do something for you. What can I do for you?" It was a new thing for me, I have never considered the possibility of having a ghost or spirit do me a favor. So I said "Ok, I'm trying to do certain things here which are beneficial to people, I'm trying to help people. So what I want you to do is to tell all the spirits you meet, the spirit guides, angels, helpers or whatever, about me and what I'm doing so they can send people to me and increase my business" He was delighted and agreed to do it.

After about two minutes I noticed three new presences in the kitchen. And was I in for a surprise. They were spirit helpers, much like doctors who receive newly diseased people and assist them in accommodating and getting used to this new state of affairs. They were furious that I was using that man to advertise in the spirit world. In effect they said something like "How dare you use up our precious time with advertisements. We have enough work to do, we are to busy to be listening to your promotion and we want you to stop this at once." I had to negotiate with them. I said that what I was doing would be beneficial for them also, people who were afraid of death and dying, were their worst problem and took most of their time. And by using me they could reduce their fear before they died and thus make their own work easier. In short with a little more haggling and negotiating they agreed to support my work and me.

The Circle
So all this was kind of strange, to be standing with one foot in this material world and the other foot in a metaphysical world, and doing business in both. Then later in the evening the owner came with two mediums and her husband and daughter to help the guy out. The medium described the man in detail, which fit the description of the man who had lived downstairs. So we sat down in a circle, everyone said a prayer and he disappeared into the light on some higher plane.

More Work
I might add that a few weeks after this happened I got two phone calls, totally out of the blue, from a healer and a respected organization specializing in health care for the elderly. They both wanted to hire me to make subliminal behavioral modification cassettes for their clients. I leave it up to you to decide whether these requests came in some obscure way through the help of my friend or through some other rational method. I figure that with enough prodding and investigation you would find ample evidence to support both theories.

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