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Alien Encounter

I was traveling with a group of Americans and a few Icelanders in Sedona Arizona in late July 1991. We were on a spiritual journey doing some inner work while visiting the power spots there. Once we were in a place called Secret Canyon resting after a three-hour hike. Everybody just lay down and either meditated or rested with their eyes closed. As I lay there I suddenly "saw" a spaceship fly to us and stop above the group. This was not a physical ship but more like psychic. Three aliens suddenly stood around me, or maybe I was transported up into the ship, I don't know. I felt a light probe go into the top of my head down into the genital area. Then they proceeded to pull the light slowly upwards, making adjustments to my energy centers. When they reached my chest area they suddenly stopped and pulled the light out. They said they weren't finished and would finish the job later and left. This was all quite interesting to me, and as I didn't feel any fear or pain or anything I thought it was just a figment of my imagination. I changed my mind when the group started to wake up. I didn't say anything about this at first, but apparently three other people in the group started to talk about a spaceship above the group during the rest period, to which I told them what had happened to me. Nothing else happened that day.

The Call
Two days later at about 11 PM just before midnight I was with the group at the hotel. Suddenly I got this incredible urge and desire to go into the woods. I just had to go, no matter what. I felt I was being called. I went to the guy who was responsible for the group program and told him about it. He told me to go if I felt I was being called. So I went. I borrowed one of the cars we had rented and went by myself. Somehow I knew I had to go to a clearing in the forest near Secret canyon. It was in the middle of the forest, and I had to drive on a dirt road for about ten or fifteen minutes before I reached it. I parked the car and went out. It was pitch black, clear starry skies, and I was scared out of my wits. As I stood there I felt that an incredible evil presence was coming towards me above the trees. I thought it must be the devil himself or something and I got so scared that I ran for the car and sped out of the clearing lot and down the dirt road. Then suddenly I realized that running from my fear was the worst thing I could do, I had to face the fear. This evil thing was probably just in my head, so I turned around. As I came back I went out of the car and stood in the middle of the clearing. I drew a line in the dirt before me and declared aloud that I was not going to run from this fear. I was going to face this fear and beat it. So I said "I am going to count to three and when I say three I am going to step over this line. If you don't show yourself before that (I was talking to this evil presence) and I step over the line, I will have beat you and won." And I counted, and my heart was racing wildly, and I put my trust in higher protection, God or anybody, and trusted that all would go as it should whether I died or lived, I just knew I had to take the chance. As I said three I stepped over the line, and as I did that I heard noises and twigs or something breaking in the woods just beyond the clearing. And then just silence. I had won, and I said something to that effect. And the fear lifted totally. I became totally fearless. At that moment I noticed the spaceship way out over the trees, as if they had been watching the whole thing, or orchestrating the whole thing. I got a sort of a compliment from them, an acknowledgement of appreciation that I had done well. The ship came over one end of the clearing and they told me to walk under it. That's when I told them that I didn't want them to take me away to which they replied positively. I walked under the ship and stood there. Suddenly a shaft of light shot down and enveloped me. I just stood there while I felt the light penetrate each and every cell of my body. I don't know for how long I stood there, maybe a few minutes, but eventually the light went up and they told me they were finished for now. They thanked me and I felt they genuinely appreciated what I had done and were sincerely concerned for my well being. I went back to town and decided to go up to the airport to see if I could spot any physical spaceships. But I didn't, instead I noticed huge light beams, shooting down like Morse codes from space into a particular mountain. They were about 50 meters long and about 15 meters in diameter. From there the light beams were distributed to other smaller mountains. Also similar light beams were going up into space, as if I was witnessing live communication between earth and someone in space. After a while I just got bored and went to the hotel.

The Purpose
The next morning as I was taking a shower I suddenly felt a presence beside me. I turned around a saw a blue-white alien head with the big oval eyes floating in the air beside me. I asked what it was doing there and it said it was assigned to watch over me. That they had planted an energy seed in me and he was to make sure that I "didn't kill it by watering it too much or too little." They were concerned about its growth and he was to make sure that it grew healthy and strong. Then he disappeared, but I could always call on him if I wanted to and get answers to complex metaphysical questions. I suspect that I may be one of hundreds or even thousands of people who have had similar experiences.

Is it real?
Was this just a strange quirk of the brain? Are we just very simple life forms with rudimentary intelligence being experimented on by higher, much greater intelligence's? Are they from a technologically advanced civilization doing research on humans just as our scientists research animals in the wild? Why hasn't anybody managed to obtain hard physical evidence of their existence? I'm not taking a stance either for or against. I stick to the principle: If it works use it. If the experience serves as a catalyst to make you a better person and increases your well being, then by all means use it.

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