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About us

Astromind is a privately owned cognitive research and development center located in Iceland. We research, develop and teach advanced methods and techniques to measure and increase focus and expand consciousness.

The center has grown out of seminars conducted by Gardar Gardarsson, author and recognized authority in the field of mental fitness training. We are located in Iceland but operate globally through the Internet.

Consciously Focused Intelligence
Astromind provides a continually updated source of information on techniques to increase intelligence, focus and consciousness. Your host at Astromind has made a career out of researching and developing mental techniques to enhance the mind. Our Program includes advanced techniques to increase intelligence, focus and consciousness and every month, the Astromind newsletter brings you the latest information on the subject from our research and development team.

Our Focus and Expertise
Our focus is on making the Astromind Web site a practical tool for your personal and professional needs. Our technical expertise is balanced with your feedback and the input from our seminar participants who practice and try out the techniques to ensure their credibility before they are published in the Web site. Together with our own research we also read the latest books and reports on the subject, and we are also on the Internet every day looking for new resources that bring real value to the members of the Astromind Program. In short, we're doing our job of bringing together the newest and most advanced information on research and development within the cognitive industry.

Your Host at Astromind
Gardar Gardarsson has over 12 years experience as a mental trainer and consultant. For many years he has worked in Iceland and got his NLP degree from Grinder De Lozier in 1988. Gardar is a prominent lecturer, consultant and author on self-hypnosis and mental training. He has authored Hugefli: A practical guide on self-hypnosis and a number of cassette training programs. As part of his consulting and training practice, Gardar has worked for numerous organizations and firms, including Eimskip, Icelands leading transporter and the Icelandic Management Association and many more. For the past 7 years he has worked as a designer, programmer and consultant for a number of Icelands leading companies specializing in information technology such as Mi­heimar, OZ, N§herji, Hugvit and others.

Gardar runs Astromind, Mentagon and ImprovingConcentration and is dedicated in serving the needs of individuals and professionals who are looking for methods to maximize their intellectual and mental perfomance.

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